Eat Hear are really pleased to introduce Spang Sisters a band who have been firmly on the menu for our Spotify playlists this April…

About Spang Sisters

Rumour has it that Spang Sisters begun life some 250 million years ago as a shapeless gaseous entity, consisting for the most part of vapour mass. Over time, it expanded into a fabulous five-piece band, creating buttery cloud pop delights that sparkle with the lustre of a thousand shiny medallions. They’re now known for a sordid, raucous, sweaty live show; swapping instruments and exercising homoeroticism on stage. It often culminates in a half-naked drummer springing forth and taking the lead in a sermonic trance.

Band Members

Albert Haddenham (drums and vocals); Ali Horler (synth and vocals); Frank Lindsay (bass); Jules Gibbons (guitar and lead vocals); and Rachid Fakhre (guitar and vocals)

So, tell us a little about yourself?

Ali: My name’s Ali, I’m a real go-getter, people person, person pleaser… I just love the world and everyone in it.

Jules: I’m Jules and I’m really hungry.

Frank: I’m Frank.

Rachid: I’m Rachid and I’m a worthless sack of shit.

Albert: I’m the best one, I’m Albert.

What’s your cuisine of choice?

Ali: Probably my mumma’s home-made basil pesto made from home-grown pesto that my dad grows himself on our land.

Jules: Italian. I love Italian flavours, they’re so bold and simple like, you know, it’s great.

Frank: I’m flittering between Chinese or Vietnamese. I also love a great Lebanese grill, Turkish grill. I like all foods really…

Rachid: Char Siu Bao!

Albert: Just sandwiches.

Spang Sisters Band

Anything you don’t mess with?

Ali: What food-wise? I’m not a big fan of raisins in savoury food. Just don’t get the vibe… and I’m a little bit of a bitch with spice but, you know, I’ll take what comes.

Jules: No, no, I’ll eat it. Whatever it is, I’ll eat it.

Frank: I don’t like stinky fish. Smelly fish. The smell of the sea on food – get me away.

Rachid: I don’t like baked beans.

Frank: Me too!

Albert: Turkish delight, can’t do Turkish delight.

I don’t like stinky fish. Smelly fish. The smell of the sea on food - get me away.

What’s your favourite neighbourhood food spot?

Ali: I just moved to Stoke Newington, what’s going on there? The Golden Dragon Fish and Chip Shop!

Jules: Lion Chicken Shop, ‘nuff said.

Frank: I’ve got two shout-outs. Marmaris (Turkish Charcoal Grill) on Kings Heath High Street, Birmingham, B14, and Cafe Soya in Arcadian. Both great spots, great value, great taste.

Rachid: Crossways Cafe in Nunhead.

Albert: Mac Doner in Brighton. Really good breads and really good kebabs.

Ali: I back that, it’s real good shit.

Who’s the best cook in Spang Sisters?

Ali: Ahh, nah, you know what – Albert! Ahh, ‘cause, ahh nah, nah, shit this is hard! Jules and Albert!

Jules: It’s not for me to answer this question.

Ali: Ah you bitch.

Frank: I would say, Albert might agree with me on this, probably Jules.

Ali: Actually Rachid’s a great chef…

Jules: Well I’m actually paid to cook, so…

Ali: But you lied on your C.V.

Jules: But I still got the job.

Ali: Fair.

Albert: Either Jules or Rachid. Rachid’s hummus…

Jules: Albert’s the one. Albert’s the one.

Ali: Oh and shout-out Nisreen Samri! Bomb man, she’s so good.

What’s usually on the stereo whilst you’re cooking up a storm?

Ali: Prince or Queen for me, for Ali.

Jules: Get back to me in a sec.

Frank: Chet Baker and Wes Montgomery.

Jules: Ah yeah same. Chet Baker and Wes Montgom.

Frank: Bit of anything, whatever takes my fancy. If it’s an uplifting cooking session then maybe some jungle or footwork. Or if it’s a chilled one, hip-hop or jazz.

Rachid: The sound of a sizzling frying pan is enough for me.

Albert: Spice Girls – If You Wanna Be My Lover. Uh um, uh um…

Ali: Scary?

Albert: Bombs. The sound of bombs.

Where would you go for a late night fix after a gig?

Ali: Probably back to my mum’s, for some good home-made cooking. Some home-made pesto made from home-grown basil grown on our land.

Jules: Lion Chicken Shop.

Frank: Gotta shout-out Hi Tide Fish Bar on Kings Heath High Street but also next door Pepe’s (Piri Piri) is smashing it still. Pepe’s!

Rachid: Ooh a late night fix-up? I would go to… I would certainly go to my house and make some… Oh no, no. Morley’s.

Albert: Anywhere with chips.

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Ali: Probably either Stephen Fry or errr… Ah nah fuck, Brian Blessed man, 100%.

Jules: I’d have Ali Horler, Rachid Fakhre, Tony Lam (Spang Sisters’ manager),Frank Lindsay, and Albert Haddenham.

Ali: *makes gushing noises whilst Jules names the members of the band*

Frank: Dinner party umm…

Jules: Oh and James Ratigan don’t forget.

Frank: I don’t know who I’d even have.

Ali: Your lovely girlfriend Nisreen.

Frank: Oh yeah that would be one but celebrity? Can’t even say.

Rachid: Uhhh, I dunno, Bob Marley?

Albert: Bill Murray!

What flavours would you use to describe your gigs and music?

Ali: Cheese, butter, prawn cocktail, *inaudible noises*. Marrow. Lots of marrow, maybe a ham hock.

Jules: Flavours? Seven cloves of garlic.

Ali: I dig that.

Frank: You know what? I’d say a fucking roast dinner with buttered asparagus.

Ali: Fuck yeah!

Rachid: I would say fried eggs with sumac and hollandaise sauce.

Albert: Anything poached.

Spang Sisters new EP ‘Boys, B-Sides and Rarities’ has just been released for streaming on Spotify here and available for purchase on iTunes here.

Eat Hear Recommends ‘Boys’ by Spang Sisters:

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