Hackney native, Marko Kun, marks his arrival onto the soulful grime scene and is a complete breath of fresh air. With an unmatched personality and a musical style that is impossible to pigeonhole, Marko tastefully displays that music knows no boundaries with his Young Thug and The 1975 – influenced melodic-rap style.

So tell us a little bit about yourself

Well I am English Born with Nigerian parents. I grew up in “Harsh” Hackney which actually lead to me somehow becoming what I was meant to be…an artist.

What’s your cuisine of choice?

Such a tough question, I’ve had so many different types of good food but I’d say deep down I like Chinese food the most!

Any irrational food fears?

I can’t eat anything past its use by date…so much milk and bread has gone to waste and I apologise for that but I promise I tried my best haha.

Does food play a big role in your life?

Well aside from keeping me alive, it probably makes up one half of my total financial outgoings since I was born…

Can you cook up a storm in the kitchen?

I can cook a perfect scrambled egg if that counts?

Do you have a signature dish?

Scrambled egg with chilli, onions and a little splash of ketchup and other secret sauces.

What music do you listen to whilst cooking?

Anything really, depends what mood I’m in. However I would say that a bit of 1975 always hits me regardless of my mood.

I would say that a bit of 1975 always hits me regardless of my mood.

Are you a sweet or savoury person?

Is it possible to be both? I’m a greedy person haha.

Any favourite neighbourhood spots?

Too Sweet on Chatsworth Road and Golden States on Lower Clapton both would receive my whole bank account in donations if they needed it to stay open.

What flavours would you use to describe your music taste?

Sweet and sour.

What’s next in store for Marko Kun?

I’ve got tons of unreleased music just waiting to be heard. My new single Passy is out now but aside from that there will be more singles this year and maybe a project if the world wills it.

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Connie Morphet

Connie Morphet

Connie grew up all over the world and spent her uni days in Manchester studying Social Anthropology. Now working as a Social Media Exec in London, she spends her free time eating out, going out and listening to music. All three of which highlight the foundation of EAT HEAR; music and food should be explored together!

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