Kimbo Nice play groovy sunshine pop covering topics such as love, life, loss, partying and being young adults struggling with adulthood and money. Bluesy guitar chords, bass driven melodies and drum beats that’ll break your heart all lathered with fluid vocals.

Band Members

Ali – Vocals
James – Guitar
Taryn – Drums
Oly – Bass

So, tell us a little about yourself?

We are a group of fellas who enjoy playing music together in sweaty rooms.

What is your cuisine of choice?

Ali – Chips and Curry sauce
Oly – Mexican 100%
James – Mexican – love a good veg filled fajita
Taryn – Thai – Spicy spicy

Are we correct in saying Kimbo Nice is an all vegan/vegetarian band, is this co-incidence or a decision you took collectively?

James – That is mostly correct, we are all quite health conscious and made the decision to refrain from eating too many unnecessary animal products individually, it makes band dinner parties easier.

Do you have a favourite neighbourhood food spot in Bristol?

We have multiple favourite food spots in Bristol depending on how flush we are feeling on the day. Here are four of the best for anyone in or visiting Bristol.
Biblos is a wicked little independent healthy wrap place on Stokes Croft. It’s perfect for a daytime or late night snack.
Koocha mezze bar is all vegan, Super tasty, incredibly well priced. I remember us getting a range of Vegan tapas, a cocktail and a bottle of beer each for under £20 per person.
Suncraft is a health conscious 100% plant based and gluten free restaurant, serving up a selection of food from all over the world. So so tasty, nice vibe, well worth a visit.
Emmeline have the best sandwiches in Bristol, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. It also has a great selection of plants for sale too.

Finding a decent pasty, especially a vegan one has proved to be very hard to come by in Bristol.

We hear James and Taryn are from Cornwall, can you get a good pasty in Bristol?

Finding a decent pasty, especially a vegan one has proved to be very hard to come by in Bristol. The closest thing to a true Cornish (Vegan) Pasty would be from Joes Bakery on Gloucester Road. Not going to pretend that it’s that good though (sorry Joe if you’re real and ever read this).

Who is the biggest foodie in Kimbo Nice?

We wouldn’t say he’s a huge foodie but Taz has probably eaten the most food in the most countries. Vegan sushi in Poland, Massaman curry in Thailand, a shit ton of street tofu in Vietnam because he only had £2 to live off each day and that was the cheapest most protein fuelled vegan food he could get. All the good stuff.

What’s usually on the stereo whilst you’re cooking?

On the stereo would be a blend of early Modest Mouse, Baxter Dury, Slow Thai, Velvet Underground, Idles, Parquet Courts, The Cure & Viagra Boys.
Depending on how fast we want to cook and who for.

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Ali – Stacey Solomon because she seems a good laugh.
Oly – Adam Sandler because Happy Gilmore is one of my favourite films.
Taryn – Joe Rogan because he knows EVERYTHING.
James – Probably that dude Woody from This is England, he seems dead nice and funny.

Do you have gigs or any releases coming up?

We are currently recording two new tracks that we are really proud of, so those will be released along with videos in the coming months, keep your eyes peeled.

As for shows we have been focusing our attention on writing some spicy new ones recently but we do have a headline show at The Lousiana in Bristol on the 28th of September. Come say Hello.

Please can you recommend a song of yours for our playlist?

We would recommend our song J-Wavey, we made a super fun video with our Dutch friends Bram and Jesse. Its smooth and forces you to realise how amazing friends are.

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David Farrer

David Farrer

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