Katie Pham & The Moonbathers are an indie/pop band from Sheffield who describe their style as ‘squeezing out soulful pop music about being indecisive’. EAT HEAR highly recommends giving their music a listen.

So, tell us a little about yourself?

Katie Pham and The Moonbathers are Katie (singer, songstress, guitar, keys) Jackie (bass, the stylish one) Oliver (the drum kit, production wiz) and Sam (guitar, the cute one). Though Katie and Sam live in Manchester the roots of the band are firmly planted in Sheffield.

What is your cuisine of choice?

Katie: Japanese or Mexican probably.

Jack: Tacos or Curry.

Oliver: Meals from the Med.

Sam: Italian or Indian.

Do you have favourite neighbourhood food spots in Sheffield?

Shaz: Shawarma joint on spital hill, fresh baked breads and there’s only 3 things on the menu so u know it fire.

Hungry Buddha: Nepalese Curry spot in The Moor Market. Big Thali tray for like a fiver. The people who run it are lovely too

Bragazzi’s: Italian coffee shop on Abbeydale Road. Every time I have one of their sandwiches i can’t stop thinking about it for weeks after. Might get one now actually.

Zeugma: Best Turkish grill in Sheffield, so good there are 2 of the same restaurant on the same road. Try the Lamb spare ribs.

Fiver Rivers: Katie’s been waiting too long to get a Banh Mi in Sheffield and now you can get one in 2 places! Broomhill and at the Cutlery Works. Ran by incredibly passionate people and the decor is fantastic.

Who is the biggest foodie in the band?

We’re all partial to a bit of food but maybe Katie?

I’ve always been around good food growing up and would definitely list cooking as a hobby; maybe it’s the sheer amount of Bon Appetit Youtube videos I watch (probably the same reason I have 3 types of salt in the cupboard). I like cooking curry mostly ‘cause it’s like free Jazz for cooking: I never really know how it’s going to come out at the end. Also, gotta make several because food is best shared eh.

(FYI Smoked, Persian Blue and regular sea salt)

Any other foodie facts from The Moonbathers?

Jackie is the master of the Central American breakfast and Sam eats but only the essential nutrients for survival.

Oliver used to work in an Italian restaurant and his signature dish is Pasta Red. An everyday sauce, preferably served with penne.

Sam eats but only the essential nutrients for survival

What’s usually on the stereo whilst you’re cooking?

Katie: Disco or whatever’s on TV in the other room.

Jack: Depends on what I’m cooking.

Oliver: Depends if I wanna let the cuisine influence the music or vice versa.

Sam: I quite like a silent cook you know, gotta listen to the food.

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Katie: Griffin McElroy, George Hotz and that guy that did a TED talk on flag design.

Jack: Sam, Katie and Oliver.

Oliver: Chris Morris, Prince and Grace Jones

Sam: Olly Williamson, Tony Hawk, Sade and Cassie from Skins.

Please can you recommend a song for our playlist?

Our most recent single ‘Save Me Some Saucy’.

EAT HEAR would also like to recommend our favourite song ‘Feels Pretty Real’.

We hear you have some new material coming soon, what’s new?

Well, Sam is a new member! We had been looking for a guitarist for a while and he has slipped right in swimmingly. We’ve just laid down a bunch of new songs for 2020 with Sam which we believe has raised the bar for us musically and are really excited to share them all with you. Expect some cool videos and artwork to go along with them all soon.

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David Farrer

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