Following a slew of well received releases on Heist Recordings and Phonica, we caught up with Joe and Warren Kassian to find out about their culinary skills .

Combining elements of house, broken beat, jazz and soul, it’s easy to see why Kassian have been causing a stir with the likes of Gilles Peterson, DJ Boring, Arwork and many more.

What’s your cuisine of choice?

WC: Thai, Carribean or Turkish
JD: Addicted to Vietnamese & ramen at the moment

Anything you don’t mess with?

WC: I’m pretty open with food to be honest there’s not much I wont eat haha
JD: I’m a bit pathetic to be honest, raw tomatoes, mushrooms and seafood can all stay away

Who’s the best cook in Kassian?

WC: I’m going to say Joe as he’s cooked for me before!
JD: Ha, I used to work in catering for years and I love cooking, so yeah maybe I’ll take that.

What’s your favourite neighbourhood food spot?

WC: There’s a really great Pho place in Hackney Joe showed me once that’s great, apart from that there’s a great caribbean/creole place near where I work I think it’s called The Caribbean Eatery which is mainly just one older woman’s home recipes great soul food, you can taste the care and effort and homemade sauces!

JD: That Pho place is called Green Papaya, I am addicted, I go there at least once a week

Are you a force to be reckoned with in the Kitchen?

WC: I’m not so bad, I made a pretty good pan-fried Salmon fillet with homemade mash and Sauteed vegetables last week but it’s hardly michelin inspired, Joe’s the culinary one!

JD: I really love cooking, it’s one of my favourite things to do to relax. I wouldn’t say I’ve got the most variety in the world but I’m pretty OCD with the things that I like…

What’s usually on the stereo whilst you’re cooking up a storm?

WC: I usually have a netflix rolling as i cook
JD: Always jazz! Robert Glasper’s album with Blue Note has been in my kitchen recently

Do you have a signature dish?

JD: I make a pretty good lasagne

Are you a sweet or savoury person?

WC: Savoury foodwise, but i do have a sweet tooth for pick n mix etc but with food im more of a starter person than a dessert guy.
JD: Definitely savoury

What’s the best you’ve been treated culinarily whilst on the road?

WC: Had a one of the best meals in Budapest’s A37 club which is onboard a stationed Ukranian ship but i wasn’t really playing a gig. Apart from than that fresh grilled sea bass in Ibiza and i had some amazing gourmet burgers in Nuremberg for a gig, i can’t remember the place though..
JD: I played in ljubljana last year and was treated to some traditional Slovenian food with the promoter (big up Gregji!), that blew my mind, loads of amazing slow cooked meat and stews.

What flavours would you use to describe your DJ sets?

WC: Rare
JD: Umami!

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

WC: Ian Wright, Larry David off the top of my head
JD: Umm.. David Byrne, Bill Burr & Louis Theroux would be pretty jokes

What’s next for Kassian?

JD: We just played in the Alps at Worldwide Festival Leysin, which is the first festival appearance for Kassian. Needless to say it was amazing! We’re played a night time set and then followed Gilles Peterson on the Sunday, which was crazy.
We’ve got a few EP releases and remixes waiting to come out, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear more about those!

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