Known his downright dirty basslines, choppy drums and unstoppable energy – EVM128 has been steadily building a name for himself in the UK’s Broken beat scene. With the launch of his label Dance Regular imminent, we sit down with East London local to chat all things tasty.

So, tell us a little about yourself:

I’m EVM128 from east London, im part of Selectors Assemble and I run Dance Regular recordings with James Rudie.

What’s your cuisine of choice?

Beef wellington with greens or roast chicken with parsnips and all the trimmings !

Anything you don’t mess with?

Seafood like oysters and muscles, I don’t do black olives either. I’m down with pretty much anything else.

Who’s the best cook in Dance Regular / Selectors Assemble?

Well, IG from Selectors been doing a side ting called silicone chops, that’s proper chef biznez but with music! Cengiz promised to make me bread once but it didn’t happen in the end, got too busy making tunes. Trev who’s on the new Dance Regular EP made a really nice stew thing recently which I enjoyed . It’s good, you go to someone’s home and they cook before stepping in the studio. I like that!

What’s your favourite neighbourhood food spot?

Hmmm I live in hackney so there’s lots to choose from. The Hunter S Pub near Dalston has the best sunday roast, and the beef wellington which is for two people is amazing! Serious bit of food!. For restaurants i’d say El Ganso and Martello Hall (can never be just one!) Martello’s stone baked rock star pizza is the bomb and I DJ there on Saturdays and El Ganso do a mean breakfast and amazing tapas!

Are you a force to be reckoned with in the Kitchen?

It has been known yes! But my girlfriend disagrees, she thinks I always over cook it! I just like it well done innit!

What’s usually on the stereo whilst you’re cooking up a storm?

Probably roots reggae or some Dub.

Do you have a signature dish?

I do this Spanish / British hybrid Roast which is Chicken with Mediterranean Roasted Veg, garlic, onion, Shallots., Roasted Vine tomatoes loads of rosemary and thyme seasoning and Salted roast potatoes. I’ve never had a complaint with that! I also like making big salads in the summer, I always do this Pear, walnut and stilton combo.

Are you a sweet or savoury person?

Both! I do have quite the sweet tooth tho.

What’s the best you’ve been treated culinarily whilst on the road?

With Roots Manuva in Amsterdam they had a chef make us a big dinner and we sat on a huge long table with all the staff from the club before it opened, there was so much food, and the fruit!!! We had fruit coming out of our ears! I also remember an amazing restaurant in Milan that Turbojazz took me to it was traditional, old and homely!

What flavours would you use to describe your DJ sets?

Hot chilli, then some sweet Mango to cool you down!

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Skin from skunk Anansie, Destiny’s child, Lisa Lisa Cult Jam, Schooly D, Flavor Flav, Lenny Kravitz (be interesting having him and jimi in one room) Basquiet & Banksy for that matter, Danny Dyer and Peter Kay for jokes … oh and T from salvage hunters!
I have a huge house in this dream!

What’s next for EVM?

I’m About to release an album on Studio Rockers called Input where I’ve collaborated with different artists, there’s an EVM EP coming out on CoOp Presents. Then as you know, myself and James Rudie have set up Dance Regular and have a load of amazing music to come from various artists on there, we also have some other edit / remix stuff in the works under Rude & Mean, plus I want to work on a live show this year.

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Josh Byrne

Josh Byrne

Head chef at both High Praise and XVI Records, Josh has been involved in releasing and promoting electronic music for the past ten years. Currently handling PR & Radio for a number of labels, Josh also DJ's by night - and consults for creative agencies on trends within music subcultures, providing up to date insights from the forefront of the scene.

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