Dim Zach came to our attention recently through his record ‘Innocence’ which features on the ‘Back To Mine’ series compilation by Nightmares On Wax, played heavily in Ibiza last summer, it became a firm favourite in our office as it evoked the summer season perfectly in true Balearic style.

Reading more about Dim we discovered he cut your teeth in the music scene of Thessaloniki in his native Greece and we were keen to ask him all about his plans for 2020 and discover his tips for anyone visiting his city when lockdown ends.

Hi Dim, thanks for agreeing to an interview with us today

You are welcome, I am always very happy to talk with friends about music.

Tell us a little about yourself

The story is short. Since I was a boy I was listening to music nonstop. The synthesisers and the electronic sound was my passion. At the age of 8 I was playing some tunes on my first synthesiser; an amazing experience for me. I feel lucky because my country is the perfect place to compose music and eat great food. I think the sea, the sun, and the people here makes you feel great.

Firstly before we get into questions about food please tell us what you have coming up for 2020 in terms of new music?

Actually I am still recording my new album due for 2020. At the same time I am remixing some songs, I prefer to play remixes from old songs at my sets. Lately I am working also as music director in a beautiful place called Ypogeion (Olympion) and I am trying to combine all this with some gigs. Unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to play live with my band LIEBE but I hope to start again very soon.

Dim please can you tell us where is home for you now?

Actually my home and my studio is at Thessaloniki but I am traveling often however and always found beautiful places to stay, every country has very special places for me to visit, there are so many and not enough time!

In my city there are a lot of nice restaurants to visit... I think Clochard, Kronos and Rinokeros are the best of those (downtown)

If you had to pick one restaurant in Thessaloniki which one would you recommend?

In my city there are a lot of nice restaurants to visit, personally I prefer those that are in the downtown area and I think Clochard, Kronos and Rinokeros are the best of those.

When you are on tour is there any dish you really miss from home?

For sure when I am traveling I miss my Greek home food but in my country everywhere you can find a nice place to eat or to drink a nice coffee. To tell you the truth because I am touring so much outside of lockdown I actually miss eating my own spaghetti dish!

If you could invite any 6 music artists to dinner who would you invite and why?

Thats easy. Perfect dinner with David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Quincy Jones, Elvis Presley and Barry White.

Dim thank you so much for answering our questions today it has been a pleasure. Before you go please may you recommend one of your tracks for our EAT HEAR playlist?

It was my pleasure, I would like to recommend: Imagination – So good so right (Dim Zach edit)

Catch Dim Zach on tour here…facebook.com/dimzach

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David Farrer

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